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robbie showed me some classics haha

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Shout out

Thanks to everyone that came thru...vids for sale 5$ hit me up or email

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Dangerous Crew, vid droppin next week bitches along wit the eastside web edit

Saturday, January 9, 2010

RE: Names given to Throw-Up situations.

We've all been there...from having the flu to having a few too many while down at the bar last Thursday night, Friday morning comes earlier than you think while slurping down that "aaahhh one more you pussy" shot of shelf Tequila. So get off your knees and stop praying to the white porcelain god here is the list of puking names for specific situations:

My name is Hurl- TV show starring Jason Lee. Pertains to mustached weirdos.
Barf o Rama- Multiple people heaving at once.
Bob Yuker- An excited dude loosing it ala Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle in Major League
Pukeahontis- A hot chick with dark hair where booze got the best of her.
Barf the Mog- Pertains to animals specifically dogs well...barfing.
Johnny Chunders- Any rocker/punk/emo looking fuck blowing chunks.
Earl Stevens- E-40's real name and man can he drink! Big Hurl.
Ralph Machio- The guy from the Karate Kid that rode the Mongoose Cruiser.
The Chosen Spew- Any upper class educated banker type that drank too much scotch.
Charlie Upchuck- Chucky the barf bandit.
Yack Morris- Reference to Saved by the Bell main man Zach Morris cell phone. YACK!
Hork and Mindy- Shitty show that gave Robin Williams a way in. Also Tact from Stoned Age.
Duke Puke Em'- Nuke em' any jock/army/guido machismo male having a go.
Spitting beef- After you ate that Togo's Pastrami sandwich and drank too many Keystones you are def. doing this.


Don't sweat the small stuff it's 2010 and what better time for a large sandwich. My boy Dagwood knows you're down so turn up that frown and see ya next round!


Not the Fila FILA Fresh Crew but still a damn fine few.
Soak the bloke and go for broke!

Friday, January 8, 2010