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Fall 1999, San Luis Obispo. Freshman Year of College

So I have wound up in San Luis Obispo (SLO for those in the know)
a small college/farming community on the central coast of California
just north of Pismo Beach. Upon arrival I am re-established with Foss
who has a sic wid it group that goes by the "Gutter Crew". The weekends
festivities always start on Thursday (Thirsty Thurz) and he so happens
to be having a party at his place complete with fireplace, trampoline and BBQ.
Mind you I am a freshman and live in an off campus dorm like scenario
called Stenner Glen aka the Ghetto Glen for its project like towers and
the worst food service ever.

Side note: There was one tower to get weed and chill at we called "Kosovo"
for its burned out light bulbs, broken glass, piss on the stairs, and holes
in the walls. Some of which originated from 40 drinkin' Nik who never
attended class 1st semester but rather chose to drink old english and
throw a dagger at the wall repeatedly. Day or night Nik could be found in the
common area guzzling, talking trash and throwing the knife at a poster of
britney spears (pre-breakdown "opps I did it again" era) eventually the poster
was ripped down in a drunken debacle but that is another story.

Thursday, around 6pm I go to get a bag from tower 6 (Kosovo) and run into
Nik on his way to get some Old Gold. Next thing I am in a black 1990
Mitsubishi Galant
driven buy this chick Melissa (a known community bicycle
as everybody had a ride) sitting next to a guy named "P". P had the ID and
we were headed to the Campus Bottle. At campus bottle they have elusive
40's that you only find in college towns or east Oakland. I opted for a regular
OE (I'm from the old school) and the rare Olde English Ice aka Tiger Style.
Melissa promptly drops me off at Foss's house and I begin facing the Tiger.
Not quite playing baseball but damn the thing was done in about 20 min. Not
feeling the affects yet I pack some bings for the homies and pop the top on
the classic. Into the night and I am plastered, I mean slur a kane ethel faded
grabbing at SAFTA's (Some Ass Fat Tit-less Annoyance) but refill the bottle
off of the Natty Ice Keg on the side yard anyways. Needless to say I was
a mess. BLACKOUT BANDIT. As the story goes I made out with this chick
reminiscent of Monica Lewinsky but with more acne, spit on her shoes and
then passed out on the aforementioned trampoline where I pissed myself and was
eventually driven home in the rear hatch of Mikey "the Mathamatician" s Subaru Legacy

I wake up the next day in my bed at the Glen and have a pounding head ache
like an anvil had been dropped on it. My whole body feels like it has been shot
with a nail gun and this continues for 36 hours. Dead Moon Night. Skipped class
Monday and thought about suicide Tuesday. Cheers Big Ears!